Chrishon Lampley’s background in high-end retail sales led her to start her own wine company, Love Cork Screw. The company is based out of Chicago, and the majority of its grapes are sourced from nearby Michigan. Chrishon is adamant on making her wines accessible to all, which played a key role in how the wines are labeled and sold. “I wanted it to be fun and appeal to wine novice and enthusiasts alike. I think sometimes we can be so intimidated by names you can’t necessarily pronounce. People can easily remember We’re Movin On Up Cabernet Sauvignon, and buy it because they just got married or got a promotion or bought a new home. And, of course Head Over Heels Riesling just flies off the shelf for Valentine’s Day,” Chrishon says.

Love Cork Screw also sells wine-scented candles and body butters made by Black purveyors. Chrishon recently became Vice President of the AAAV and aims to uplift others in the industry through events like the annual Clink Festival. “I bring emerging women and BIPOC-owned wine and spirit brands together for a huge celebration so people can taste, appreciate, meet the makers and enjoy their offerings. We’re all so different, and I want us all to be seen. There’s enough for everyone to go around,” she says. Love Cork Screw can be found in select stores like Target, Whole Foods and Total Wine, and the company ships to 40 states.