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Love Cork Screw Secures Major Partnerships: ‘It’s Definitely Been a Time For a Lot of Allies to Open Their Eyes,’ says CEO

Wine and lifestyle brand Love Cork Screw is going national. Chrishon Lampley, founder and CEO of Love Cork Screw, first became involved in the wine space while owning an art gallery and bar in the South Loop. There, Lampley wrote the wine […]

BIPOC-Owned Wine Brands To Support Now and Always | Well+Good

“People told me I couldn’t do it,” Lampley says. “I didn’t have a license. I didn’t have a vineyard. Within three years, I did everything people told me I couldn’t do. And today, eight years later, my wine is sold […]

Founder Interview: Love Cork Screw, Chrishon Lampley | Parsnip

Love Cork Screw – which you may have seen in WholeFoods or Target – is fun! Their bottles aren’t intimidating and they have a new candle line with names like “Scent of the Perfect Man.” Founder, Chrishon Lampley, is making […]

Liquid Spirits: 20 Black Women-Owned Wineries and Spirits Companies

From her company’s roots, Lampley has entered into partnerships resulting in a cookbook called, “Your Guide to Tasteful Manners,” and the latest collection of candles available at Target. From white and red table wines to refreshing rosés, rieslings and sauvignons, […]

Chrishon Lampley Wants to Bring Love Cork Screw National: ‘Now You See Me, So Let’s Roll’

Love Cork Screw CEO Chrishon Lampley is a wine entrepreneur and négociant with a growing business. She sold 50,000 bottles of wine within the first five years of starting her own business, and has since quadrupled those sales. Still, an unavoidable part […]

Crisis turned opportunity for Black-owned Chicago wine business, ‘Love Cork Screw’

A North Kenwood business owner turned a crisis into a opportunity. Known for its catchy labeling, Chrishon Lampley is the founder of “Love Cork Screw Wines.” Lampley started the business after a South Loop art gallery that she co-owned was […]

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How Success Screwed Me | Chrishon Lampley | TEDxGrandBoulevard

Can virtual connections drive business? COVID-19 closures force Chicago-area companies to rethink old ways.

Reconstructed Purpose with Chrishon Lampley

So yes, the Cool Soror audio show is back and available on ITunes, Google Play & Stitcher! Today we chat with Chrishon Lampley – a Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. who she has taken the wine industry […]

11 Places To Buy Black This Holiday Season

This year, we all need to make a conscious effort to keep our black dollars in our black communities by supporting black-owned businesses on Black Friday and the entire holiday season. Listen, after we, the culture aka Black Twitter, bought every juicy chicken sandwich […]

Money Making Conversations with Rushion McDonald

Appearing on this episode of Money Making Conversations is Chrishon Lampley, Founder, CEO, & Negociant of LCS Entertainment LLC, Love Cork Screw Wines and Candles.   LISTEN NOW

The Future of Food: Chicago