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BIPOC-Owned Wine Brands To Support Now and Always | Well+Good

“People told me I couldn’t do it,” Lampley says. “I didn’t have a license. I didn’t have a vineyard. Within three years, I did everything people told me I couldn’t do. And today, eight years later, my wine is sold […]

Founder Interview: Love Cork Screw, Chrishon Lampley | Parsnip

Love Cork Screw – which you may have seen in WholeFoods or Target – is fun! Their bottles aren’t intimidating and they have a new candle line with names like “Scent of the Perfect Man.” Founder, Chrishon Lampley, is making […]

Liquid Spirits: 20 Black Women-Owned Wineries and Spirits Companies

From her company’s roots, Lampley has entered into partnerships resulting in a cookbook called, “Your Guide to Tasteful Manners,” and the latest collection of candles available at Target. From white and red table wines to refreshing rosés, rieslings and sauvignons, […]

Chrishon Lampley Wants to Bring Love Cork Screw National: ‘Now You See Me, So Let’s Roll’

Love Cork Screw CEO Chrishon Lampley is a wine entrepreneur and négociant with a growing business. She sold 50,000 bottles of wine within the first five years of starting her own business, and has since quadrupled those sales. Still, an unavoidable part […]

Crisis turned opportunity for Black-owned Chicago wine business, ‘Love Cork Screw’

A North Kenwood business owner turned a crisis into a opportunity. Known for its catchy labeling, Chrishon Lampley is the founder of “Love Cork Screw Wines.” Lampley started the business after a South Loop art gallery that she co-owned was […]

Forbes: 10 Fantastic Black-Owned Wines And Spirits To Add To Your Summer Shopping List

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Food Network: 30 Black-Owned Food Brands That You Need In Your Kitchen

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People: Black-Owned Food, Fashion, Home and Beauty Businesses You Can Shop Now to Show Your Support


How Success Screwed Me | Chrishon Lampley | TEDxGrandBoulevard

Can virtual connections drive business? COVID-19 closures force Chicago-area companies to rethink old ways.

Reconstructed Purpose with Chrishon Lampley

So yes, the Cool Soror audio show is back and available on ITunes, Google Play & Stitcher! Today we chat with Chrishon Lampley – a Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. who she has taken the wine industry […]

11 Places To Buy Black This Holiday Season

This year, we all need to make a conscious effort to keep our black dollars in our black communities by supporting black-owned businesses on Black Friday and the entire holiday season. Listen, after we, the culture aka Black Twitter, bought every juicy chicken sandwich […]

Money Making Conversations with Rushion McDonald

Appearing on this episode of Money Making Conversations is Chrishon Lampley, Founder, CEO, & Negociant of LCS Entertainment LLC, Love Cork Screw Wines and Candles.   LISTEN NOW

The Future of Food: Chicago


Meet Chrishon Lampley of Love Cork Screw

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chrishon Lampley. As seen on CNBC’s “The Job Interview,” Chrishon Lampley is a négociant, wine enthusiast and founder of LCS Entertainment, LLC that features Love Cork Screw wines. Love Cork Screw is a […]