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Head Over Heels
This semi-sweet Riesling has a captivating aroma of lemons and grapefruit. Its body is smooth and delightfully crisp, making it one of our most popular wines among wine enthusiasts. Perfectly paired with a sharp cheese or a decadent dried fruit dessert, this wine is sure to indulge you in an unforgettable experience.

  • Alcohol Content: 11.6%



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***Damage During Shipment: There is no available return or exchange for shipped wines. Wine is a delicate and perishable commodity. Conditions outside of the control of Love Cork Screw may adversely affect the wine during shipment. If your wine, at the time of delivery, is received damaged, spoiled or otherwise defective, you may contact us regarding the damage and Love Cork Screw may, in its discretion and based on the particular conditions of each circumstance, send a replacement in exchange, which is your sole and exclusive remedy for damaged or defective product. Love Cork Screw will not refund shipping charges, and additional shipping and other charges will apply to deliveries to you that are returned as undeliverable or refused.

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3 reviews for “HEAD OVER HEELS” Riesling

  1. Wendy

    This is so delicious. I’m a dry lover and still loved its sweetness. It wasn’t overpowering and great for summer.

  2. Ishmael McKinney

    An amazing summer wine, perfect for a nice sip after a long day at work. Learning to love dryer wines more and this one is staying in my rotation. Great base for a sangria recipe too!

  3. Steve Wells

    I was wine tasting as part of a course at NAPA Wine Academy. The wine I’m reviewing is the Sweet Riesling. I usually don’t like sweet wines, but this is an exception. The finish had a bold, sweet fruit flavor of peaches, apricots with a ripe lime and character. I would use this as either a dessert wine or have it with fruit or a light lunch in the summer. I highly recommend it.

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