NEW! Be The Light – Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc is smooth yet has complex aromas of pear and tropical fruit
lends way to the palate coupled with Meyer lemon and grapefruit rind citrus
notes. Enjoy this wine with lightly seared scallops, creamy pasta or Thai cuisine

Good Times Good Friends- Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio is a medium-bodied, flavorful wine with a crisp and clean apple and pear character. This robust flavor makes the perfect companion to light seafood, meat, and cheeses.

We’re Movin’ On Up! – Cabernet Sauvignon
2016 Cabernet Sauvignon is smooth yet complex with aromas of cedar box, dried tobacco leaves and mission fig, coupled with top flavors of black cherry, sugar plum and hint of vanilla. Enjoy it with steak, beef stew, pot roast, grilled veal or lamb.

NEW! We Go High- Rose’
Rose’ Wine has hints of berry on the nose with almond and citrus on the palate, vibrant coral color. Nicely paired with light pastas, salads, grilled fish and goats’ cheeses.

Head Over Heels-Riesling
Sweet Riesling is fragrant nosed with a distinct lemony-grapefruit character. Supple body with a cleansing crispness. Enjoy this wine whenever you endeavor to indulge in pungent cheeses, and dried fruit desserts.

Hard Knock Life- Concord
An American Red Table Wine. Love Cork Screw Red is a light sweet summer wine made from 100% Concord grapes. The delectable wine is airy and clean with hints of bold just enough to satisfy the palate. This wine is to be enjoyed with light meals, appetizers, or pizza and pasta dishes.

In Too Deep – Vino Blanco
Vino Blanco. A Brut Style White Wine with aromas of green apple and grapefruit. This wine is classically balanced, lightly effervescent, refreshingly soft, yet dry. This is followed by bursts of complexity and character accented with a touch of crisp notes to finish off the clean elegance of this varietal.

Touch The Sky-Niagara
An American White Table Wine. Niagara is one of the oldest and most established Native America white wines. Many people, new to wine love the pleasant and friendly “grapey” flavor and aromas. Although this wine has a natural sweetness it is distinct from the more complex fruit flavors such as currant, black cherry, fig or apricot found in fine wines.

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