Why She’s One to Watch

Her company supports minority business owners in the wine industry. It has sold two million bottles, experienced a 272% increase in sales, and added ten new states of distribution in 2022.

Her Story

Chrishon Lampley’s path started when a freak flood in her building forced her to shutter her Chicago-based art and wine bar. At the time, she was running a radio show and lifestyle blog for fun. The show, called Love Cork Screw, gave advice on entertainment, wine selections, and relationships. After the disaster that closed her brick-and-mortar, she decided to expand Love Cork Screw as her brand.

In 2013, Chrishon Lampley founded LCS Entertainment, Inc., a licensed wholesaler, importer and minority business enterprise that features Love Cork Screw wines. Now, Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand selling wines and candles. She became the first Black midwest woman to go national with a wine brand. Then she spoke at TEDx Grand Boulevard. Lampley continues to be featured in renowned publications, including Wine Enthusiasts, Ebony, Essence, NBC News, and more.

Following her success, she gave back and hosted the 2022 inaugural Clink Festival, the first Chicago-based event focusing on women and BIPOC communities in the wine and spirits industry. The event sold out fast and another is planned for 2023. With the little spare time she has, Lampley volunteers with nonprofit organizations through speaking engagements and sponsorship, hoping to help young women entrepreneurs with big dreams just like her.

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