Prioritizing Mental Health and Embracing Life’s Opportunities

Today, I find myself in Costa Rica, accompanied by my best friend from college. We’ve chosen to stay at a secluded resort, primarily designed for couples seeking a romantic escape. It’s a trip that was initially planned three years ago, before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, due to various reschedulings and setbacks caused by the global health crisis, it was repeatedly postponed. One instance even required me to request another delay. My apprehension about financial stability, after investing a significant amount of money into my business, had hindered me from taking this much-needed getaway.

Nonetheless, this time, I made up my mind to make it happen. My friend had won this trip through an auction, which allowed me to join her at a considerably lower cost than if I were to book it myself. Thus, I decided to set aside my anxieties and embrace the opportunity, reminding myself that we only live once. While my bank account and business funds may suggest that I shouldn’t be here, my heart and mental well-being firmly asserted that I should.

I dedicate so much of myself to Love Cork Screw, pouring my passion and efforts into its success, with the unwavering belief that it will eventually pay off. However, I have come to realize the importance of not putting life on hold while waiting for success to arrive. Striking a balance between business aspirations and personal fulfillment is crucial. Yes, I acknowledge that I have achieved success on my own terms, but I eagerly await the day when financial stability aligns with my accomplishments.

As I sit here, listening to the rhythmic waves of the ocean and a somewhat comical rendition of 80’s classics playing in the background during breakfast, I can’t help but feel blessed. Life is good, and despite the challenges and uncertainties, my heart continues to beat with gratitude. I am determined to relish every single moment of this experience.

Remember, it’s important to live and breathe your business, but never at the expense of your mental health. Trust that you will triumph and be okay, but don’t let the pursuit of success overshadow the joy and fulfillment that can be found in embracing life’s opportunities.