I’ve chosen to maintain a sense of discretion in my recent endeavors, primarily because previous experiences have taught me that verbalizing my plans often led to disappointing outcomes. It’s disheartening when well-meaning acquaintances approach me, inquiring about the status of these ventures. Back then, I genuinely believed these projects would be groundbreaking, but reality fell short of those lofty expectations.

Presently, I find myself presented with the most significant opportunities of my entire business career. This time, I’ve decided to keep these prospects to myself until they materialize. My intention is not solely reliant on my silence, but rather the peace of mind that comes with avoiding the need to explain any potential setbacks. Surprisingly, when things haven’t worked out in the past, even better opportunities have arisen.

I understand I’m not the only one who has experienced this. So, if you’re reading this and can relate, I want you to know that I stand in solidarity with you. It’s okay to keep your excitement contained at times until deals are finalized and opportunities are in full swing. This approach might help alleviate the additional stress that often accompanies involving others in these moments.